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Quality Research for Professional Investors

Professional investors can benefit from FDA’s expertise in several ways, depending on the size and characteristics of their portfolios. For institutional investors, FDA has several propositions, including:
  • Research: subscription-based access to FDA Consultancy, an on-line investment decision support tool for institutional investors that reflects the daily output of the FDA team. FDA Consultancy comprises the risk/return and sustainability assessment of more than 170 international blue chip companies. The macroeconomic module contains the analysis of relevant macroeconomic trends based on a flow-of-funds method. The findings of equity and macro analysis are clearly linked to different portfolio management styles through FDA model portfolios.
  • Full Portfolio Advice: the most comprehensive of our services, includes access to FDA Consultancy, private consultation, statistical data and reporting. Advice is provided for both equity and fixed-income portfolios. Our clients include pension funds, asset managers, charity funds, family offices etc.
  • Tailor-made services on demand: periodic company reports, FDA Sustainability Assessment, various information modules based on customer-specific criteria, investment consultancy services for regulatory and governmental bodies etc.

Sample reports
pdf documentsFDA Investment Trends (15 Oct 2021)
pdf documentsEquinix Company Analysis (20 Aug 2020)
pdf documentsAdyen Company Analysis (17 Apr 2020)
pdf documentsEssilorLuxottica Company Analysis (23 Mar 2020)

FDA equity research methodology is based upon the investment rating system, which quantifies the relative risk / return opportunities of shares vis-à-vis the highest quality debtor. The perceived level of risk inherent to a stock is reflected in a fundamental rating that is based upon a number of criteria, including the quality of management, competitive advantage, financial strength, consistency of earnings etc. The expected return on a twelve-month basis is assessed based on the discounted cash flow and sum-of-the-parts models. Based on this method, the relative attractiveness of equities across the FDA Research universe is represented on a simple risk/return graph:
FDA Risk - Return matrix
Within the framework chosen for FDA’s Corporate Sustainability Assessment, sustainability aspects are divided into three main categories: economic, social and environmental. In order to quantify and compare sustainability performance, companies are reviewed and rated on each of these three dimensions. As a result, a company receives a total score, expressed as a percentage of total available points (for example, 86 percent), and three separate scores to reflect its performance on each dimension. A sustainability matrix is constructed to assess the company’s performance within the sector and the FDA Universe. The findings are also illustrated by charts that represent the company’s performance vis-à-vis the sector average on each dimension and its total score.